Savai’i , Samoa

I packed up my belongings and left my heart in Portland, Oregon in March of 2016 when I decided to head to Australia for a three month adventure. This turned into four months, and then five, and so on. What was supposed to be a mini vacation turned into a two year journey abroad country hopping and chasing landscapes. My dream ever since I can remember has been to photograph and travel the world. I grew up in the woods in Pennsylvania so have always found the outdoors to be my happy place.

My name is Laura Ellman. I had been wanting to start a blog for years; I would write and write, photograph and photograph and all of it would remain unused and what felt to be hiding my truth. I always felt that if I just shared my story, my thoughts, experiences, and advice that if I could help just one person, it was all worth it. This blog is that first step in working towards a dream. A dream of happiness, success, progress – whatever it may be. I am a firm believer in taking the first step and having the confidence to do so is essential. Of course I did not always posses this and my journey building confidence has been a long one and am still working on it. My goal of this blog has always been to put my most vulnerable self out there to hopefully inspire anyone to do the same for their passions in any way that they know how. To shed light on the darkness we have all felt. To give solidarity in the journey of personal evolution. This is what speaks to my calling and is my way of putting my photography and writing out there in a space where it can be used as an outlet for my personal growth, a platform to open my love for photography in a new light, and a dedication to those who are seeking – something, anything.

I’m just a girl trying to make sense of things in this world and through photography, writing, and adventure I constantly find myself.


The Garda Lake , Italy

2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Just when I think I couldn’t be more proud of you, something like this pops up! You are an amazing young lady with big dreams and hopes! I am crazy excited and humbled to call you not only my wonderfully, talented daughter, you are also my friend! I love you, Laura❤️


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