East to West – USA

In honor of residing back in the Pacific Northwest, after about two and a half years of traveling, and attempting to adjust myself back into a life of “normalcy” I decided this very morning that my negligence towards my blog was “abnormal” and now, I will adjust.

After all, here is where my 5+ year dream of creating this outlet took flight – it is a landmark reminder for me to never give up.

It hit me that “normalcy” is 100% subjective and just when you think you’ve come close, everything changes yet again. It could be something as simple (and I use that word lightly) as an extra bill/expense thrown in your direction to completely throw you off track and force you to re-evaluate and adjust accordingly. This is a skill I was forced to learn traveling and continuously have to practice. Oh, your van broke down in the middle of nowhere during the sandstorm prequel to a major storm headed in your exact location? Oh, you’ve contracted an allergic reaction all over your body in the middle of a city center and the pharmacist sold you the wrong remedy and now you must shower it off but you’re living out of a van and a shower is nowhere near? Oh, your purse has been stolen OVERSEAS which included your debit/credit cards, passport and cell phone and you’re just a few weeks away from heading to travel in SE Asia?

I could go on, but I think you get the point – because you’ve been through it as well. Everyone has the same story. Change the details and at the bottom line, it’s stress and that’s life. We must always adjust because life around us is constantly changing. Hence, this post.

I could go on with all the things that I have had to deal with since the last post, but what’s the point? You know how it is. This, that, and the other thing. How stressful, right?! But, does life’s curveballs translate into putting passions/hobbies on the back burner? It could easily be so – with this particular passion, for myself, it did. I fell back into my old ways of photographing, editing, and writing and letting it all fade away in journals, boxes and envelopes, and in folders on hard-drives. Which ironically led me to start the blog in the first place! To have an outlet for my passion.

This is your sign to touch base with your passion and GO. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect canvas, the perfect book, the perfect idea. Perfection is fiction, failure is progress.

Do you think I believe what I decide to put out there, and even what I don’t, is perfect? It is simply practice – an everlasting dedicating to the practice of your passion – which is a practice in itself.

I’m a fan of full circle thoughts.

Sara in NYC-
Jess in Asheville-
Crystal in Portland.



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