Take Me Away – New Zealand

Duder Regional Park

Eagerly onwards we went to escape the noise of coffee mugs being stacked in cafes on every corner of the city. We walked through the hills in Duder Regional Park with the breeze on our faces and views of the water around every bend. Lamb stumbled on their growing legs to their mothers on our approach and their calls sang loud into the silent surroundings. Cows grazed with no flinch, most likely laughing inside at us, while struggling to muster the courage to continue the parade through their messy turf. Waves crashed along the hillside below us as we followed the fence towards the furthest point in the park into the Hauraki Gulf you could venture. We took a rest on the hill watching boats in the distance sway back and fourth daydreaming the life of a sailor on these magical blue waters.


Drowning into the ocean looking into the eyes of a dream just wishing they would
take me to a place where nothing matters.
not the wealth that gives your identity value.
not the value of wealth that wrongly diminishes your identity.

take me to a place where everything matters.
the stars above the pines and the pines below the moon and the moon in your eyes.

take me to a place where no one belongs.
who are you to judge? does this give you validation? does this put me below you? am I hurting you yet?

take me to a place where everyone belongs.
where the deep depths of your peace and happiness are free to thrive far from exterior opinions that are useless to your personal existence.

Watching the clouds’ shadow dance across the surface of the water flowing through every hue of blue across the spectrum, simply grateful to be in a place where only this matters.

Omanawanui Track

We hopped on the Omanawanui Track from a trail entry before the car-park. The panoramic views appeared quickly, that is, once I could snap myself out of looking up through the palms like a child in a playground. We approached the summit after my gaze-fest and began our stumble down a questionably steep path. The view around every corner made for an even more adrenaline-filled experience for someone so easily distracted such as myself who “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” at every blow of the wind. But hey, while I am already struggling to stand with confidence, let me whip my camera around and remove my hands from maintaing a safe balance on these tree roots. We made it a ways down before we realized it was going to become dark and that this vertical climb ahead of us does not need an extra challenge…and in our bag we had sandwiches with our names on them. The quick dose of the valley below, the ocean ahead, the mountains above, the flora and fauna surrounding, and the encompassing bush-walk back to the van was all I needed to feel refreshed and rejuvenated…also the sandwich. Is that too much?IMG_5296IMG_5256IMG_5272IMG_5290IMG_5294IMG_5323IMG_5334

Omanawanui Track


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