The Fourteenth One – Verona, Italy

Last week I left Melbourne, Australia to come to Italy. I am quite behind on photos, even from Australia. It was never a goal or dream of mine to come to Italy, of course I would never of NOT wanted to go, but now that I am here I can easily understand the dream. I am so amazed by these streets, everything about them.

The other day we went to Verona and it was the first time I experienced walking through Italian streets. I have never wanted to run through a city and get lost more in my life. Hopefully through the excitement I managed to capture Verona in a beautiful way that takes the viewer right there with me.


One thought on “The Fourteenth One – Verona, Italy

  1. Thank you, the pictures brought back memories of visiting my son Eddie in Aviano Italy. Great trips, beatiful country, have fun.
    Cousin Ed


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