The Ninth One – Rottnest Island, Australia

First blog post from Australia! šŸ™‚

This series of photos were taken on Rottnest Island; an island off the coast of Western Australia.

We took a 45 minute ferry ride from Perth and once we arrived to the island we biked our entire adventure. We biked from Thompson Bay (where the ferry drops you off) to Cathedral Rocks (the westernmost point of the island)…and back! The distance was aboutĀ 12.4 miles roundtrip. However, while this could take a decent amount of time to bike regardless (depending on many factors), we were on an island bikingĀ along side the beautiful colors of the Indian Ocean stopping every 10 minutes to enjoy. Whether we stopped to dip in the crystal clear water to cool down, make friends with the quokkas* (and another traveler), or to be literally stopped in our place because a poisonous snake, the width of a zucchini, slithered out of the grass and almost hitched a ride in my backpack.

Either way, we were on the island from 8am-4:30pm biking up and down hills (which seemed like the Himalayas at one point) in the relentlessĀ Australian sun.Ā At Cathedral Rocks, I was able to look through a tower optical at THE most natural, beautiful shades of blue I have ever seen in my life…and also a dolphin jumping!Ā Right beforeĀ the waves would crash, I would watch the build-up and the turquoise color that was beaming through was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Right before we had to catch our ferry back to Perth, we enjoyed a hard earned meal and quickly biked to the lighthouse. Where I also went under water for the first time in Australia! I had such an overwhelming feeling at that moment, being under water (which is already awesome), coming up and opening my eyes to what lookedĀ like a postcard (the whole day felt like that). I couldn’t believe this is where I was; this is where my life has taken me…so far!

*iphone photo of a quokka down below…incase you have no idea what that is, now you do!

3 thoughts on “The Ninth One – Rottnest Island, Australia

  1. As always, Laura, your amazing talent blows me away!! The pictures, your story and that smile, it warms my heart. I could t be more proud and happier for you!šŸ˜˜

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