The Sixth One – Pacific Coast, Oregon

when i wake
that slow motion breeze,
it raises my spirit.
don’t close the window,
because now i cant breathe.
do you even care?

this house i built
i wished to share,
i let you in.
your house was built
no need of comfort
you left me out,
it wasn’t fair.


when i wake
my shattered reality
it drains my existence.
don’t close the door
because now its over.
do you even care?

and through the motions
of a life i once knew,
finding solitude deep within
“you’ll be a beautiful butterfly-
we’re all waiting for you”.


when i wake
although so altered,
illusions of a blank canvas
form lumps in my throat,
but this shall only be temporary.

so much beauty
so little time.
how blind it made me
but now i can see,
i’d rather be hurt by the truth
than fooled by the lies.


Neahkhanie Mt. – OR Coast

referenced- Hope for the Flowers, by: Trina Paulus
a book that has been with me for years.
suggested to many,
so truly close to my heart.

love, laura

comment, critique?

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