The Fifth One – Oregon

We were driving to Crater Lake racing against the clock to get there before sundown. As we approach a tiny section of white birch trees, my photographic mind immediately noticed how the sunlight was beaming through the tall skinny trees. Highlighting every slight curve, saturating everything to higher levels and almost putting this soft silent haze over my world for just a moment…as I drove right past it (sigh)…drooling.

fujifilm instax

Jess immediately starts scolding me for not being true to my desire. After a quick subconscious attempt to come up with an excuse as to why I shouldn’t turn around, I realized just as quickly how she was right. I wanted those shots.

Jess is still preaching to me.
She is also simultaneously taking off her jeans as I’m driving because for some reason she was convinced there were literally ants in her pants and felt pins and needles on her thighs.
…she is still preaching to me.

I whip the car around. We both jump out. I grab my camera, she grabs new pants.
I always knew I had the best friend there was; as I’m running towards the trees, Jess is cheering me on while changing her pants in the middle of the street scratching her (antless) legs.


Canon 5DMK2

To this day these are some of my favorite photos. It was a special moment and I would of never captured it if I wasn’t made to realize that acting on this impulse was exactly what I wanted and that I should especially act on my gut instinct when it involves my passion. And because of these photos, I thank you Jess for seriously being the light of my life.

We easily, and very quickly, convince ourselves that “it’s okay” we didn’t do what we really wanted. While I understand there are many circumstances and situations where you should not act on impulse, I often notice that whenever gut feelings are not acted upon you are almost not being true to yourself and in many ways remaining inside your comfort zone. We let fear of the unknown, rejection, and failure take over extremely quickly. Try the next time you have an impulse to do something you know would make you happy (no harm!) to just do it. 

If the experience turns out to be dull, at least you turned on the light.


To my Mimi: Sunshine and Unicorns
love, laura<3

5 thoughts on “The Fifth One – Oregon

    1. yeeessssss!!! this is what you focus on! don’t pass up the sunshine! you’ve got this Laura! this was a beautiful post and beautiful images as well. But, why oh why didn’t you take a pic of Jess and her “ants” ??? I love you sweetie and take your own advice – JUST DO IT!! xoxo ❤


  1. Omg Laura.. Thank you for giving me that memory back into my mind… That was an amazing time I remember it like it was yesterday! I love your wise words on following your gut and thinking of the feelings that arise when you don’t! I love these pictures with all my heart I’m so happy you got the shot!! And thank god no ants were in my pants 😂


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