The Second One – Columbia River Gorge, Washington

Panther Creek Falls, WA.

Love is essentially what brought me to the west coast. Love for mountains, adventure, photography, and the biggest one of all but what is now only an obstacle to overcome. I find myself at this very moment, in a heartbreaking predicament that is hopefully only going to launch me into the real agenda as to why I am here. I have goals and dreams of what I want to accomplish in my life here in the Pacific Northwest and perhaps now that what I thought was true to me has proved to be unworthy of my heart any longer, I can fully focus my attention on myself.

You (I) need to remember who you are and what you want in life and go for it. Believe that you can do it, and open any door you can even if you think what you are looking for is not in there, you will at least have opened it and proved to be right or wrong and can move forward from there. Everything that is happening in my / your life is exactly what needs to happen for our unpredictable future. We may not see it now, but one day we will look back on any given situation, good or bad, and be able to link events together piece by piece that all needed each other in order to have gained the knowledge, experience and strength to embark on that amazing thing that is now in front of us.

(Take your own advice Laura…)

I mean hey, starting a blog is a door I have been wanting to open for years. If I were not going through what I was going through right now, I might not of seen this blog as a necessity to my personal growth in this very moment and would not have been able to take my “start a blog” post-it off of my goal board (thank you Jess). I feel like that is what life is all about. Creating goals, hopes and dreams and doing your best, day by day, to actually fulfill them. Create goals, write them down, hang them on your wall so that they stare at you and vice versa. Everyone can be successful in their own way.

(I sure am not a poet, but sometimes things bring weird shit out of you…)

you have left a mark on my heart
the sharpness comparable to that of a blade
and while the wound may heal
every autumn the leaves still fall
and the scar will always remain

you started a book you could not finish
the pages seemed too heavy
the destiny no longer appealing
but if you can bare the next couple chapters
the cold will subside and the winter does end.

Panther Creek Falls, WA.

love, laura.

5 thoughts on “The Second One – Columbia River Gorge, Washington

  1. Laura, you are an amazing young woman with the whole world on your doorstep! Grieve for a bit, you have to process the loss – the loss of what you had and what you thought the future would be. Give yourself some time – but as Grandma would say, “this too shall pass” and it will and you will come out the other side stronger, more confident and determined to follow your dreams, your path. Don’t hang on to an ounce bitterness, don’t let it take hold and darken your thoughts. You’ve got this and I’m so excited to see where God’s plan takes you. I love you sweetie! xoxo Mimi ❤


  2. Laura, you may or not remember me as Denville was a long time ago for you. You are an amazingly talented young woman. Run with it, let your heart heal (it will), and follow your dreams
    Carol Plucinsky


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