The First One – Hi,

Grand Canyon, Sept. 2014.

In the 10 years that I have loved photography, I have pursued this hobby by mostly covering my walls with my photographs, shot a couple of weddings, adored photographing my friends, hit the trail and explored the woods and captured the beauty of nature and the cities I have explored and lived in. I have no idea where this love of mine will ever take me – correction: where I will take this love of mine, because the reality is that we are all in charge of ourselves and our choices. You get what you work for – sometimes we forget this. This is my first attempt at creating a space strictly to the photos, stories, thoughts, and realizations I have grown from in hopes of empowering anyone who might need it. Just as I was grateful for those who picked me up when I did not believe I had the strength to do it myself. Or if anything, to push anyone with positive momentum into their current or next endeavor.

I chose this photograph because it reminds me to always work hard and you will be rewarded. The Grand Canyon was something I always thought would be out of this world to see, but never thought I would. Seeing this for the first time made me realize I have the power to make a dream a reality. So much so that I was in this exact location twice within five months. I satisfied my desire to travel to the west coast (for the first time) and to see my friend Bridget in Arizona. The second time (the above photo) was when my best friend in the entire world, Jess, and I drove across the country together...enter the mind and adventures of Laura…

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